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[talk] Connecting Proof Theory and Semantics (Johan van Benthem)

Time: 2016 Oct. 28, 09:30-11:00 Venue: Rm 301 XinZhai (新斋), Tsinghua University, Beijing. Speaker: Johan van Benthem (Stanford University and University of Amsterdam) Title: Connecting Proof Theory and Semantics Abstract: Proof theory and semantics seem very different aspects of logic. But the two aspects meet in many productive ways, and I will explain two cases: semantic tableaux and substructural logic. Hand-out: [ click […]

[workshop] Logical methods in philosophy and linguistics: scope and limits

Time: 2016 Oct. 29. Venue: Rm 105, XinZhai (新斋), Tsinghua University General Program: 08:30-09:00 Coffee 09:00-09:10 Opening 09:10-10:10 Johan van Benthem: Logic and philosophy, an empirical chronicle of comings and goings 10:10-10:25 Coffee 10:25-11:25 Wang Lu: Being and Truth: two ways in the research of philosophy 11:25-11:40 Coffee 11:40-12:40 Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: Peirce’s Philosophy of Logic 12:40-14:00 Lunch 14:00-15:00 Zhou Yuncheng: Towards a semantics of know-that […]

[workshop] Tsinghua Meets Bayreuth

Time: 2016 Aug. 08. Venue: Rm 353, XinZhai (新斋), Tsinghua University General Information: The logic group at the University of Bayreuth led by Prof. Olivier Roy will visit Tsinghua University. On this occasion we will organize one week’s events, including a kickoff workshop, and a series of working sessions. Our focus will be “information and social networks” […]

[workshop] Tsinghua Logic Colloquium – The History of Logical Thought in China: Glossaries and Translation

Time: 2016 Jul. 02. Venue: XiJiao Hotel (Beijing) Conference room 3 (2nd floor, Build.1#) 北京西郊宾馆第三会议室(1号楼2层) General Information: Besides the general academic exchange, one of the main purposes of this workshop is to advance our larger project, the production of the Handbook of Logical Thought in China, to be published by Springer-Verlag both online and in print in […]

[tutorial] Three lectures in model theory (Jouko Vaananen)

Time: 2016 Jun. 13-15, 19:00-21:00 (each day) Venue: Rm 335 XinZhai (新斋), Tsinghua University, Beijing. Lecturer: Jouko Vaananen (University of Helsinki) Title and Abstracts:  >> Monday, June 13: A general introduction to model theory The lecturer will give an introduction to the main ideas and results of model theory, including Shelah’s stability theory. [Slides for Lecture 1] […]