About us

Our Mission:

After several years of successful cooperation, Tsinghua University and the University of Amsterdam have decided to strengthen their ties in the form of a joint research center for logic, the first of its kind between The Netherlands and China. The aim of the centre is to create an active interface between the ILLC and the community at Tsinghua and elsewhere to further a broad interdisciplinary conception of logic, and act as a bridge for contacts between China and the international community. Activities include:

  • collaborative research projects including joint publications, mutual visits, etc;
  • exchanging teachers for concentrated courses and seminars, exchanging students;
  • developing a joint Tsinghua UvA graduate program in logic;
  • new publication initiatives;
  • meetings, workshops, strategic international flagship events;
  • new funding proposals for research projects, center infrastructure, outreach.

Meantime, the center also acts as a hub for collaboration with individual logicians and groups in China, and a league of congenial research centers in Europe and the US.


Words about the centre:

StokhofWorking with students at Tsinghua is working with talented young people, who display the kind of affection for the discipline that motivates. And working with colleagues there likewise is an inspiring experience, in which shared interests are mixed with differences in perspective.

           Martin Stokhof

Smets_SJL.jpg-144x200It has been a most wonderful experience for me to meet and discuss different research topics in logic with our colleagues and students in China. It didn’t take me long before I felt truly at home especially during some of the work-sessions in which we would gather in front of a whiteboard to discuss while we were offered excellent tea and coffee. This new research center opens up many opportunities for all of us, besides establishing an official environment to host our already on-going joint work it gives us a chance to reach out to a new community of students and at the same time it allows us to explore and mark new research directions for the future.

           Sonja Smets

1Fenrong-smallBuilding a joint research center ia a natural step for researchers on both sides who have been involved in collaborations. Having this platform will make our life a lot easier. I hope it will serve as a bridge not only for logic research, but also for cultural interactions. Given our good experiences in the past, I am confident that things will go well in the future.

           刘奋荣 Liu Fenrong

Christoff_ZLI feel like the new joint research center opens a wide space of exchange and collaboration possibilities! It is exciting not only in terms of research but also in terms of cultural experiences and open-minded sharing.

           Zoe Christoff

Shi ChenweiIt feels like magic that yesterday I still sat in a classroom at Tsinghua listening to talks by researchers from the ILLC and was immersed in the sunshine of Beijing, while today I have already been taking the same courses with students at the UvA and been drenched in the rain of Amsterdam. However, this is only one small part of the grand magic made by logic, which connects different spaces and times, different traditions and cultures. It is really inspiring to be a witness and even a part of such connections.

           石辰威 Shi Chenwei

1kaileI visited ILLC in Feb 2013 and met so many internationally leading logicians. I was very happy to meet some of them in Tsinghua Logic Conference in Oct 2013. The joint logic research center will make more such chances for me and my PhD students (in Peking University) to meet and share research advancement with them.

           苏开乐 Su Kaile