Tsinghua University – University of Amsterdam Joint Research Centre for Logic

Committees of TLLM 2020

Program Committee:

Johan van Benthem  (Stanford University and Tsinghua University)

Dun Deng (Tsinghua University, co-chair)

Thomas Icard III (Stanford University)

Xuping Li (Zhejiang University)

Mingming Liu (Tsinghua University, co-chair)

Larry Moss (Indiana University)

Haihua Pan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Stanley Peters (Stanford University) 

Wei-tian Tsai (National Tsinghua University, Taiwan)

Yingying Wang (Hunan University)

Dag Westerståhl (Stockholm University and Tsinghua University, co-chair)

Local Organizing Committee:

Fenrong Liu (Tsinghua University, chair)

Yinlin Guan (Tsinghua University)

Xiaoan Wu (Tsinghua University)

Zhiqiang Sun (Tsinghua University)

Jialiang Yan (Tsinghua University)