Alexandru Baltag



Alexandru Baltag (The University of Amsterdam)

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– Project involved: Logic and Agency

– Interests: modal logic, dynamic logic, epistemic logic, temporal logic;
models for multi-agent information flow and information merge; rationality and action in Game Theory;
quantum logic and quantum information flow;
coalgebras, non-well-founded sets, Universal Set Theory, models for self-reference, circularity and fixed-points;
formal epistemology, philosophy of information and philosophy of science.

– Most relevant publications:

  1. A. Baltag, B. Renne and S. Smets. The Logic of Justified Belief, Explicit Knowledge and Conclusive Evidence. To appear in APAL, 2013.
  2. A. Baltag, N. Bezhanishvili, A. Ozgun, S. Smets. The Topology of Belief, Belief Revision and Defeasible Knowledge. Proceedings of the LORI conference, 2013. In print.
  3. A. Baltag, Z. Christoff, J.U. Hansen and S. Smets. Logical Models of Informational Cascades. In Studies in Logic. College Publications, 2013.