Event Series

Out Joint Research Center is currently hosting:

  • A lecture series called “Jin Yuelin Lectures“, named after Jin Yuelin (金岳霖), a pioneering philosopher and logician in China who worked as a faculty member at Tsinghua in its earlier decades.
  • A workshop series “Tsinghua Meets X“, inviting logicians from another university (the value of X) to introduce their researches at our center.
  • A workshop series “Tsinghua Logic Colloquium“, each focus on a specific range of topics.
  • A workshop series “Tsinghua Interdisciplinary Workshop on Logic, Language, and Meaning“, aiming to bring together Chinese and international scholars from various disciplines (logic, linguistics, and philosophy) who are working in areas related to natural language semantics.
  • Tsinghua Logic Salon” hosted by a group of ph.d students and postdocs at Tsinghua, to promote academic, social and cultural interactions between researchers and students.