Here is a list of  students associated with the Center:

  • Ph.D. students:
    • 陈钰 Chen Yu, Tsinghua University
    • 谢凯博 Xie Kaibo, University of Amsterdam
    • 石辰威 Shi Chenwei, University of Amsterdam
    • 戴益斌 Dai Yibin, Tsinghua University
    • Malvin Gattinger, University of Amsterdam
    • 邢锟 Xing Kun, Tsinghua University
    • 付小轩 Fu Xiaoxuan, Tsinghua University
    • 王冲 Wang Chong, University of Amsterdam
  • Master students:
    • 赵博囡 Zhao Bonan,  University of Amsterdam
    • 张昀 Zhang Yun, Tsinghua University
    • 朱吟秋 Zhu Yinqiu, Tsinghua University
  • Alumni:
    • 杨志伟 Yang Zhiwei
    • 王奕岩 Wang Yiyan