[conference] AWPL-IV (Oct. 20-21, Tsinghua University)

The 4th Asian Workshop on Philosophical Logic, 20-21 October, 2018, Beijing Asian Workshop on Philosophical Logic (AWPL) is an event-series initiated by a group of Asian logicians, and in 2012 the first installment took place at the JAIST in Japan. It is devoted to promote awareness, understanding, and collaborations among researchers in philosophical logic and […]

Workshop A Tsinghua Encounter with Logic & Jin Yuelin Chair Ceremony

Time: 2018 Apr. 23, 09:00-17:30 Venue: Bing Suo Conference Room(丙所会议室), Tsinghua Univ. Modern logic was introduced into the Chinese university curriculum by Jin Yuelin in the 1930s, and it has flourished there ever since. This meeting is a celebration of Tsinghua’s renewed involvement with logic, including presentations of current research as well as an encounter with the […]