About us

Our Mission:

In 2013, Tsinghua University and the University of Amsterdam decided to strengthen their long-standing ties in the form of a joint research center for logic, the first of its kind between The Netherlands and China. The main aim of the center, then and now, is the broad interdisciplinary pursuit of logic in between the humanities and the sciences. At the same time, the center has also become a platform for many contacts between Chinese logicians and the international community. Activities include:

  • collaborative research projects including joint publications and exhange visits;
  • initiating new curricula, summer schools, as well as developing a joint Sino-Dutch PhD program in logic involving Chinese and international teachers;
  • new publication initiatives with Chinese and international publishers;
  • organizing meetings, workshops, strategic international flagship events;
  • engaging in activities for public outreach.


Words about the centre:

The Joint Research Centre offers unique opportunities to staff and students to meet, teach and be taught, work together. Over the last ten years it has grown into a virtual and physical meeting place that is buzzing with activities, ranging from intensive one-on-one cooperations to classes, workshops, and conferences. And the JRC has a scope to match: from philosophy to computer science, from linguistics to artificial intelligence, everywhere where logic has a fundamental role to play. To be part of that is a privilege and a joy. 

           Martin Stokhof


It has been a most wonderful experience for me to meet and discuss different research topics in logic with our colleagues and students in China. It didn’t take me long before I felt truly at home especially during some of the work-sessions in which we would gather in front of a whiteboard to discuss while we were offered excellent tea and coffee. This new research center opens up many opportunities for all of us, besides establishing an official environment to host our already on-going joint work it gives us a chance to reach out to a new community of students and at the same time it allows us to explore and mark new research directions for the future.

           Sonja Smets

I was a Ph.D. candidate at the joint research center from 2017 to 2021 and got a joint Ph.D. degree awarded by Tsinghua University and University of Amsterdam. The experience of the four years is wonderful and memorable, which is also very beneficial for my current research and collaboration.

           李大柱 Li Dazhu


I feel like the new joint research center opens a wide space of exchange and collaboration possibilities! It is exciting not only in terms of research but also in terms of cultural experiences and open-minded sharing.

           Zoe Christoff

The Joint Research Centre opens the door of logic for me at Tsinghua, and now I  am continuing my study at ILLC in Amsterdam. The courses and seminars at JRC have been instrumental in nurturing my intellectual growth, and the professors and  peers I encountered there have left indelible marks on me.

           叶凌远 Ye Lingyuan

“To dwell with the good is like entering a room teeming with delightful fragrance; after being there for a while, you will not be able to smell it anymore, but have been transformed by it.” This is particularly true in the learning and life at the centre, where being around outstanding masters can lead to extraordinary achievements.

           王奕岩 Wang Yiyan

My journey at JRC for Logic is a harmonious symphony, wherein the spark of knowledge and inspiration incessantly radiates warmth amongst mentors and peers alike. This pure scholarly sojourn ignites within me a relentless zeal and diligence that I know will illuminate my path for a lifetime.

           闫佳亮 Yan Jialiang