Tsinghua University – University of Amsterdam Joint Research Centre for Logic

Dynamics in Logic

Tutorial Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Tsinghua April 2022

Time: 31 March 2022, 20:30 – 22:10 (Beijing time)


  • Johan van Benthem (johan@stanford.edu)
  • Chenwei Shi (shichenwei88@live.com)
  • Lingyuan Ye (yely18@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn)


Give you a first impression of what motivates basic logics of knowledge and belief change under new information, and how they work technically.


  • 30 m. video Epistemic Logic and PAL Update Logic
  • 15 m. questions and discussion
  • 30 m. video Logic of Belief and Ordering Change
  • 15 m. questions and discussion

Posted materials:

  • Slides of the videos,
  • Online textbook “Logic in Action”[general background].

Note: the actual video presentations use a subset of the slides.


You will get most out of the tutorial if you know something about logic.For this, you might look at the posted lecture notes for an introductory course, especially Chapter5 on knowledge and information.Next, it will be good to lightly read the posted pdfs of the videos to get a preview of the topics, and prepare questions about, for instance, how the logics introduced there work precisely, and how they are applied.You can ask questions during the 15 m. sessions, or submit them before hand by email to the assistants. If there is interest in further Q & A with the teacher, we may have a zoom follow-up session between Tsinghua and Stanford [seethe workshop site for details]. Further information. See the course program at the Tsinghua Joint Research Center in Logichttp://tsinghualogic.net/JRC/