Workshop series in logic: Tsinghua Meets X

Our Joint Research Center is currently hosting a workshop series “Tsinghua Meets X“, inviting logicians from another university (the value of X) to introduce their researches at our center. Here is a list of event in this series.

 Tsinghua Meets

Tsinghua Meets CUNY (The City University of New York)

2018 Oct. 19, 09:00-16:50 @ Jin Chun Yuan, Tsinghua University.

Speakers: Sergei Artemov (CUNY), Johan van Benthem (Tsinghua/Stanford), Melvin Fitting (CUNY), Fei He (Tsinghua), Fenrong Liu (Tsinghua), Junhua Yu (Tsinghua).

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Tsinghua Meets

Tsinghua Meets Bayreuth (University of Bayreuth)

2016 Aug.8, XinZhai Rm 353, Tsinghua

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Tsinghua Meets

Tsinghua Meets UvA (University of Amsterdam)

2013 Oct.18,  Jiasuo Meeting Room,  Tsinghua Universeity

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