Fenrong Liu and Alexandru Baltag received a KNAW Grant

Fenrong Liu (Tsinghua University) and Alexandru Baltag (ILLC, University of Amsterdam) have successfully received a grant for the joint project “The Logical Dynamics of Information Exchange in Social Networks”, within the scheme of China Exchange Programme at  the Royal Academy of Art and Sciences (KNAW).

The main problem  of this project is to understand information flow and group belief dynamics in social networks. The research  will be carried out at the  Joint Research Center for Logic with 12 researchers from the ILLC, University of Amsterdam and Tsinghua University during 2014-2016.  Besides the aboved mentioned two PIs, the rest are:  Johan van Benthem, Jan van Eijck, Sonja Smets, Kaile Su, Pingzhong Tang, Chanjuan Liu, Shengyang Zhong, Zoe Christoff, Paulo Galeazzi, Nina Gierasimczuk.