Logic on the Road: An encounter with current research from theoretical philosophy to behavior and locomotion

Time: Dec 11, 2022

Venue: Zoom Online


Chair: Liying Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

13:30-14:10 Yanjing Wang (Peking University): Hidden Bundles

14:10-14:50 Fengkui Ju (Beijing Normal University): From Norms to Normative Properties of Actions

14:50-15:00 Break Time

Chair: Shengyang Zhong (Peking University)

15:00-15:40 Piotr Kulicki (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin): A Formal Ontology of Autonomous Driving

15:40-16:00 Yiyan Wang (Tsinghua): A Dispositional Account of Intentionality

16:00-16:10 Break Time

Chair: Yan Zhang (Renmin University)

16:10-16:50 Xiaoxuan Fu (Chinese University of Politics and Law)and Zhiguang Zhao (Tai-an University): Counting Problem: Interweaving Logic and Counting Continued

16:50-17:10 Lei Li (Tsinghua): Personalized Announcements and Attention Dynamics