Online Workshop: Logic with Vector Space Models, Nov. 13, 2020

General Information:

Vector space, as a mathematical structure, is perhaps much more understood by human beings than any other field of mathematics, and it finds its natural usage in a number of wildly different areas, including physics, computer science, numerical analysis, linguistics, to name a few. Logic, on the other hand, is the canonical tool for talking about and reasoning in different structures. Given that vector space is used as the fundamental structure at various places, a complete analysis of it using logical tools and the development of logical systems with vector space models will be beneficial.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together worldwide scholars who share a common interest in this topic but with varying perspectives, collaborating to develop tools for logical analysis of vector spaces or logical systems with vector space models. We hope this workshop will broaden our views on the matter of subject, and ultimately put logic and logical methods in a place of wider applications.

向量空间几乎是为人类所理解得最清楚的一类数学模型,其应用也非常的广泛。在物理学、计算机 科学、数值分析、语言学领域等许多截然不同的领域当中都能瞥见其身影。逻辑学是人们对广泛的 数学模型进行推理分析的重要工具。由于向量空间在应用数学领域具有如此重要的地位,采用逻辑 学的工具对向量空间进行深入地研究、发展相关的基于向量空间模型的逻辑系统都会对逻辑学的研 究产生很大的帮助。

本次工作坊希望将全球对这个主题有共同兴趣但观点各异的学者聚集到一起,共同讨论以推进逻辑 方法对向量空间的研究、发展新的基于向量空间的逻辑系统等。我们希望本次工作坊能够扩展我们 对相关问题思考的广度于深度,最终推动逻辑学在其他领域当中更为广泛的应用,同时将逻辑学的 研究方法带入各个领域当中。


1. Johan van Benthem

金岳霖讲席教授,斯坦福大学 Henry Waldgrave Stuart 教授,阿姆斯特丹大学荣休教授

Title: Logics of Space, a brief history of interfaces. 空间的逻辑,领域交叉简史

2. Hannes Leitgeb


Title: On the Logic of Vector Space Models. 向量模型的逻辑

3. Nick Bezhanishvili


Title: Exploring Modal Perspectives on Vector Spaces. 探索向量空间的模态逻辑

4. Anand Pillay


Title: Vector-space-like Structures in Model Theory. 模型论中的类向量模型

5. Huanfang Dong


Title: A Brief Review of Vector Space Models in Natural Language Processing. 自然语言处理中的向量模型综述

6. Lingyuan Ye

Title: Duality in Logic and Vector Space. 逻辑与向量空间中的对偶


SpeakerCET, UTC+1EST, UTC-5CST, UTC+8Title
Johan van Benthem12:00 – 12:456:00 – 6:4519:00 – 19:45Logics of Space, a brief history of interfaces
Huanfang Dong12:45 – 13:306:45 – 7:3019:45 – 20:30A Brief Review of Vector Space Models in Natural Language Processing
Hannes Leitgeb13:30 – 14:157:30 – 8:1520:30 – 21:15On the Logic of Vector Space Models
——– Break ———-14:15 – 14:308:15 – 8:3021:15 – 21:30—————————————————————————–
Lingyuan Ye14:30 – 15:158:30 – 9:1521:30 – 22:15Duality in Logic and Vector Space
Nick Bezhanishvili15:15 – 16:009:15 – 10:0022:15 – 23:00Exploring Modal Perspectives on Vector Spaces
Anand Pillay16:00 – 16:4510:00 – 10:4523:00 – 23:45Vector-space-like Structures in Model Theory
——– Finale ———16:45 – 17:0010:45 – 11:0023:45 – 24:00—————————————————————————–

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