Martin Stokhof

StokhofMartin Stokhof (The University of Amsterdam)

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Project involved: Logic, Language and Philosophy.

– Interests: dynamic semantics; questions; philosophy of semantics; Wittgenstein.

– Most relevant publications:

  1. Martin Stokhof: Formal semantics and Wittgenstein: An alternative? In: The Monist 96(2), 205-231 (2013)
  2. Martin Stokhof: Arguing about dynamic meaning. In: A. Baltag & S. Smets (eds.), Johan van Benthem on Logic and Information Dynamics, Outstanding Contributions to Logic Series 5, 749-764. Amsterdam, Springer (2014)
  3. Martin Stokhof, Michiel van Lambalgen: What cost naturalism? Presented at BRIDGE-14 Workshop, University of Duesseldorf, April 12-13 (2014)