Sonja Smets


Sonja Smets (The University of Amsterdam)

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– Project involved: Logic and Agency.

– Interests: logic (in particular non-classical logics, including non-monotonic logics, belief revision, modal and temporal logic, quantum logic); knowledge representation in AI; multi-agent systems; formal epistemology; philosophy of quantum physics, quantum information and computation, rationality and the role of “belief” in solution concepts in games, the connection between logics for belief revision and formal learning theory.

– Most relevant publications:

  1. A. Baltag, B. Renne, S. Smets: The Logic of Justified Belief Change, Soft Evidence and Defeasible Knowledge. In: LNCS 7456, 168-190, WOLLIC 2012.
  2. A. Baltag, S. Smets: A Qualitative Theory of Dynamic Interactive Belief Revision. In: G. Bonanno, W. van der Hoek, M. Wooldridge (eds.), Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory, Texts in Logic and Games 3, pp.9-58, Amsterdam University Press, 2008. (Republished in (eds) H. Arlo – Costa, V. Hendricks, J. van Benthem, A Formal Epistemology Reader, Cambridge University Press, 2013.)
  3. A. Baltag, N. Gierasimczuk, S, Smets: Belief Revision as a Truth Tracking Process. to appear. An extended abstract appeared in K. Apt (ed.) Proceedings of Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge, TARK 2011, p.187-190 ACM Digital Libarary, 2011.