Yuan Ai 袁艾

Yuan Ai (Tsinghua University)

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Project involved: History of Logic in China.

Interests: Rhetoric in Ancient China; Early Chinese Ethics; 

Most relevant publications:

  1. “Silence in Early China,” Early China 44. Forthcoming 2021. 
  2. “Laughter in Early China,” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies. Forthcoming 2021.
  3. “Timeliness in the Huainanzi,” in Dao and Time – Classical Philosophy, edited by Livia Kohn, Saint Petersburg: Three Pines Press, 2021: 177-193. 
  4. “Courage and Well-Being in the Zhuangzi,” in Science, Religion & Culture, guest edited by Owen Flanagan and Wenqing Zhao, Vol.6, no.1, 2019: 85-95.
  5. “If Moral Experts, What Do They Tell Others? Answers for Dilemmas from Early Chinese Expertise Zhuangzi and Confucius,” in Moral Expertise: New Essays from Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives, edited by Jamie Carlin Watson and Laura Guidry-Grimes, New York: Springer, 2018: 143-156.