Tsinghua University – University of Amsterdam Joint Research Centre for Logic


Language-based DecisionsAdam Bjorndahl and Joseph Halpern
Deliberation and Epistemic DemocracyHuihui Ding and Marcus Pivato
Algorithmic Randomness, Bayesian Convergence and MergingSimon Huttegger, Sean Walsh and Francesca Zaffora Blando
Dynamically Rational Judgment AggregationFranz Dietrich and Christian List
No Finite Model Property for Logics of Quantified AnnouncementsHans van Ditmarsch, Tim French and Rustam Galimullin
Probabilistic stability and statistical learningKrzysztof Mierzewski
Understanding Transfinite Elimination of Non-Best RepliesStephan Jagau
Attainable Knowledge and OmnisciencePavel Naumov and Jia Tao
Epistemic Modality and Coordination under UncertaintyGiorgio Sbardolini
Communication Pattern Models: an Extension of Action Models for Dynamic-Network Distributed SystemsDiego A. Velázquez, Armando Castañeda and David A. Rosenblueth
Belief Inducibility and InformativenessP. Jean-Jacques Herings, Dominik Karos and Toygar Kerman
De re UpdatesMichael Cohen, Wen Tang and Yanjing Wang
Fire!Krisztina Fruzsa, Roman Kuznets and Ulrich Schmid
Local DominanceEmiliano Catonini and Jingyi Xue
Collective Argumentation: The Case of Aggregating Support-Relations of Bipolar Argumentation FrameworksWeiwei Chen
Uncertainty-Based Semantics for Multi-Agent Knowing How LogicsCarlos Areces, Raul Fervari, Andrés R. Saravia and Fernando R. Velázquez-Quesada
Measuring Violations of Positive Involvement in VotingWesley Holliday and Eric Pacuit
A Recursive Measure of Voting Power that Satisfies Reasonable PostulatesArash Abizadeh and Adrian Vetta
Failures of Contingent ThinkingEvan Piermont and Peio Zuazo-Garin
An Awareness Epistemic Framework for Belief, Argumentation and Their DynamicsAlfredo Burrieza and Antonio Yuste-Ginel
Are the Players in an Interactive Belief Model Meta-certain of the Model Itself?Satoshi Fukuda
 Revisiting Epistemic Logic with NamesMarta Bílková, Zoé Christoff and Olivier Roy
Well-founded Extensive Games with Perfect InformationKrzysztof Apt and Sunil Simon
Game-Theoretic Models of Moral and Other-Regarding AgentsGabriel Istrate
 A Deontic Stit Logic Based on Beliefs and Expected UtilityAldo Iván Ramírez Abarca and Jan Broersen
Reasoning about Emergence of Collective MemoryR. Ramanujam
Persuading Communicating VotersAnastas Tenev and Toygar Kerman
Knowledge from ProbabilityJeremy Goodman and Bernhard Salow
 Knowing How to PlanYanjun Li and Yanjing Wang