Research Program: Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Logic

Current research lines include logics with provability semantics, proof theory for non-classical logics, set theory, and philosophy of mathematics and the sciences.

Core group:

Names of the coordinating project leaders are italicized.

  • Nick Bezhanishvili (ILLC)
  • Melvin Fitting (CUNY)
  •  Junhua Yu (Tsinghua)
  • Qi Feng (Tsinghua)

Key publications:

  • G. Bezhanishvili, N. Bezhanishvili, J. de Groot: A Coalgebraic Approach to Dualities for Neighborhood Frames. Log. Methods Comput. Sci. 18(3), 2022
  • Q. Feng, Logic and Discovery, Science Press, 2022
  • M. Fitting: A Family of Strict/Tolerant Logics. J. Philos. Log. 50(2): 363-394, 2021
  • G. Bezhanishvili, N. Bezhanishvili, J. Lucero-Bryan, J. van Mill. The McKinsey- Tarski Theorem for Locally Compact Ordered Spaces. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 27 (2), 187-211, 2021


  • Qi Feng (formerly Chinese Academy of Sciences) was appointed for three years as a distinguished visiting professor. He will teach set theory and mathematical logic, strengthening collaboration between the JRC and the Tsinghua mathematics community.