Research Program: Logic and Agency


Logic started as the exact study of reasoning by human actors, and over time also, by computing machines. Increasingly, the tools developed in this study are starting to cover a much wider range of informational actions, including observation and communication, and interactive patterns of rational agency depending on these. This project is devoted to developing the logic of information-driven social agency, bridging the gap from individual to social information behavior, and studying the role of constantly emerging structured social entities such as groups and networks. The resulting questions lie at the intersection of logic, philosophy, computer science, and the social sciences.


  • Natasha Alechina (The University of Nottingham)
  • Alexandru Baltag (The University of Amsterdam)
  • Patrick Girard (The University of Auckland)
  • Davide Grossi (The University of Liverpool)
  • Vincent Hendricks (The University of Copenhagen)
  • Liu Fenrong  (Tsinghua University)
  • Jeremy Seligman (The University of Auckland)
  • Sonja Smets (The University of Amsterdam)
  • Su Kaile  (Griffith University)
  • Tang Pingzhong (Tsinghua University)
  • Johan van Benthem (The University of Amsterdam)

Key publications

  1. Fenrong Liu, Jeremy Seligman, and Patrick Girard, Logical Dynamics of Belief Change in the Community, Synthese, Volume 191, Issue 11, pp 2403-2431, 2014.
  2. Alexandru Baltag, Zoé Christoff, Jens Ulrik Hansen, and Sonja Smets, Logical Models of Informational Cascades, in J. van Benthem & F. Liu, eds., 2013, Logic across the University: Foundations and Applications, Studies in Logic 47, 405–432,  College Publications, London.
  3. Johan van Benthem, Logic in Games, the MIT Press, 2014.


  • The Logical Dynamics of Information Exchange in Social Networks (led by Alexandru Baltag and Fenrong Liu), funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (2014-2016).
  • Fenrong Liu and Kaile Su, eds., Special issue on Logic and AI in China, Minds and Machines, Volume 23, Number 1, 2013.
  • LogiCIC project, The Logical Structure of Correlated Information Change (ERC-2011-STG No. 283963), funded by the European Research Council and the European Community under FP7. (2012-2017 ILLC, UvA)