[talk] Local Fact Change Logic, Memory Logic and Expressive Power

Time: 2019 Oct 16, 16:30-18:00
Venue: 新斋105, Tsinghua Univ.

Speaker:  Declan Thompson (Stanford University)



The comparative expressive power between two logics is generally measured with respect to the existence of a translation from one to the other. A common technique for showing two logics to have different strengths is by demonstration a pair of models which one of the logics can distinguish, and the other cannot. In this talk, I will demonstrate an instance where these two approaches come apart. The focus will be on comparisons between local fact change and memory logic, two modal logics with model change operators.


 Declan Thompson现为斯坦福大学哲学系博士生。他的主要研究兴趣为逻辑学及其在认识论等领域的应用。本次报告,他将通过比较研究两种逻辑,即局部事实变更逻辑以及记忆逻辑,探讨逻辑学中关于逻辑系统表达力的问题。