Workshop: Legacy of the Tsinghua Logic School 清华逻辑学派的传统

In 1926, recently graduated from Columbia University, Jin Yuelin came back to China and founded the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University. With new appointments of Shen Youding and Wang Xianjun in subsequent years, the logic group grew very fast and attracted many young talents. One prominent student of Jin Yuelin was Wang Hao, who later took his PhD degree at Harvard and became a well-known logician worldwide. This pioneering history was recorded in a recent article by Jan Vrhovski: “The Qinghua Logic School: Mathematical Logic at Qinghua University in Peking, 1926–1945”. In 1952, due to the policy of “reorganization of colleges and departments”, Tsinghua’s philosophy department was moved to Peking University. Wang Xianjun stayed there ever since, while Jin Yuelin and Shen Youding soon moved once more, to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In this way the logic tradition spread. In 2000 Tsinghua officially restored its philosophy department with a focus in logic. In the last two decades, Tsinghua has been making lots of progress in logic, with several major appointments. (for more information see the website: 

On the occasion of Tsinghua University’s anniversary in April this year, we are organizing a small workshop to discuss the Tsinghua logic tradition, the ideas of the early founding logicians, and plans for our future development. 

1926年,刚从哥伦比亚大学毕业的金岳霖先生回到北京,在清华大学创立哲学系。随后几年通过聘任沈有鼎和王宪钧等学者,逻辑学发展迅速,吸引了很多青年才俊。王浩是金岳霖先生的学生,他后来在哈佛获得博士学位,成为世界著名的逻辑学家。这一开创性的历史记录在 Jan Vrhovski 最近的一篇文章中:“清华逻辑学派:清华大学的数理逻辑,1926-1945”。 1952年,随着“院系调整”,清华大学哲学系并入北京大学。王宪钧从此留在北京大学,而金岳霖和沈有鼎很快又去了中国社会科学院,并留在那里工作。清华逻辑传统就这样传播开来。 2000年,清华大学正式恢复哲学系,并重视发展逻辑学。在过去的二十年里,清华大学在逻辑学领域取得了长足的进步,更多信息参见网站。


  • Time 时间:April 21, 2022
  • Venue 地点:Hybrid 融合式
  • Organizer 组织者: The Joint Research Center for Logic, Tsinghua University