[workshop] The Logical Dynamics of Information, Agency and Interaction

Time: 2014 Oct. 


The aim of this workshop is to bring together the researchers involved in the project “The Logical Dynamics of Information Exchange in Social Networks” (funded by the KNAW) , and to create a platform for joint collaboration.
The main research problem we want to investigate with this project is the understanding of information flow and group belief dynamics in social networks.  In the coming years, We aim to: (1) develop formal models and logics for the study of social-informational dynamics, (2) develop appropriate software for the computational analysis of this dynamics, (3) extract practical lessons about the opportunities and dangers posed by social networks, and (4) use these results as a source of philosophical reflection on the nature of social knowledge and the epistemological significance of corporate agents. The proposed methodology is to use extensions of Dynamic Epistemic Logic, in combination with probabilistic methods.

Organizers:  Alexandru Baltag, Fenrong Liu, and Sonja Smets

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  1. KNAW project “The Logical Dynamics of Information Exchange in Social Networks”, funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences under the scientific cooperation Netherlands-China.
  2. Tsinghua University-University of Amsterdam Joint Research Centre for Logic.
  3. The LogiCIC project (ERC-2011-STG No. 283963), funded by the European Research Council and the European Community under FP7.
  4. The VIDI project on Reasoning about Quantum Interaction, funded by the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme of the Dutch Science Foundation.
  5. The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam.