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Seminar June 10, 2010

Intuitionistic Logic and Provability logic Dick de Jongh ILLC, University of Amsterdam Time: 7:20-9:45 pm June 3, June 10, June 11 and June 17. Place: Teaching Building No.6 6B111 Reading materials: Please download from the website: http://fenrong.net/events/

Tutorial Oct. 25, 2010

“证明论”小课程 来自日本JAIST(Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)的Hiroakira Ono 和 Norbert Preining教授将在清华大学10月最后一个星期访问清华大学,届时他们会集中讲授证明论的专题小课程。课程分共4次进行,具体时间安排见下。课程阅读材料和每次报告的摘要见附件。 第一次: 10月25日(星期一) 晚 7:00-9:00 地点:清华大学新斋324 报告人:Norbert Preining 教授 题目:证明论导引(Introduction to Proof Theory) 第二次: 10月26日(星期二) 晚 7:00-8:30 地点:清华大学新斋324 报告人:Hiroakira Ono 教授 题目:Substructural Logics (子结构逻辑)I 第三次: 10月28日(星期四) 晚 7:00-8:30 地点:清华大学新斋324 报告人:Hiroakira Ono 教授 题目:Substructural Logics II 第四次: 10月29日29(星期五) 晚 7:00-9:00 地点:清华大学新斋324 报告人:Norbert Preining 教授 题目:Goedel […]

Seminar April. 30, 2010

Reasoning about social preferences 时间:2010年4月23日(星期五) 下午 3:00 – 4:00 地点:清华大学 新斋346房间 主办:清华大学哲学系 报告人:Patrick Girard 博士(新西兰 奥克兰大学哲学系) 报告摘要: A systematic way of aggregating individual preferences is to impose a hierarchy over groups of agents. I proceed in two steps, first by aggregating individual desires constrained by given hierarchies and second by defining preferences based on group […]

Seminar May 6, 2010

Abstractions and Idealisations: The Construction of Modern Linguistics 报告人:Martin Stokhof (ILLC, University of Amsterdam) 时间:2010年5月6日 3:30-5:30 地点:新斋346 ABSTRACT: In this talk, which reports joint work with Michiel van Lambalgen, we investigate the way in which modern linguistics has constructed some of its core notions (such as language, meaning, competence). We argue that often a process […]

Seminar June. 19, 2010

Continuous Logic and Probability 报告人:Shichang Song, Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 时间:2010年6月19日(星期六) 上午9:00-12:00 地点:清华大学新斋335 摘要: 连续一阶逻辑是经典一阶逻辑的一个类比。和经典逻辑的二元真值表不同,连续逻辑的真值表是整个[0,1]区间。连续模型论拥有很多经典模型论所拥有的重要性质。虽然连续逻辑才刚被引入,它已在数学的分析学以及概率论中得到很多的应用。在这个讲座中,我先简述连续逻辑,然后再讨论其在概率论中的应用。最后,如果时间允许,我将谈论我在这个领域的一些最新进展。 (Continuous first-order logic is an analog of classical first-order logic. Unlike classical logic with the truth value {True, False}, continuous logic ‘s truth value is the whole interval [0,1]. Continuous model theory also preserves many key […]

Seminar June. 19, 2010

Continuous Logic and Probability 报告人:Dick de Jongh (ILLC, University of Amsterdam) 时间:2010年6月19日(星期六) 上午9:00-12:00 地点:清华大学新斋335 ABSTRACT: Inspired by a similar use in provability logic, formulas p >_B q and ≥_B q are introduced in the existing logical framework for discussing beliefs to express that the strength of belief in p is greater than (or equal to) that […]

Seminar Aug. 23, 2010

Cognitive realism in belief revision: Representing a finite mind 时间:2010年8月23日(星期一) 下午4:00-5:30 地点:清华大学新斋353 演讲人:Prof. Sven Ove Hansson (Department of Philosophy and the History of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.) 摘要: Since a human mind cannot deal directly with infinite structures, cognitively realistic models of belief change should operate on belief states that have a finite […]

Seminar April 1, 2011

Coherent Welfarism from Inconsistent Preferences 时间:2011年4月1日(星期五) 下午 3:30 – 5:30 地点:清华大学 新斋238房间 主办:清华大学哲学系 报告人:Till Grune-Yanoff 博士(University of Helsinki) 报告摘要: Critics of preference-centered welfarism have argued that because people often hold inconsistent and conicting preferences, they lack `true preferences’ that could serve as the basis for welfare judgments. This lack, they suggest, legitimizes the imposition of paternalistically motivated values. In contrast […]

Seminar Oct. 21, 2011

Scientia Potentia Est TIME: 21 OCTOBER 3:00-5:30PM LOCATION: XINZHAI 324 SPEAKER: Thomas Agotnes (University of Bergen, Norway) Abstract: In epistemic logic, multi-agent Kripke structures are used to model the distribution of information in a system. In this talk, I present an approach to quantifying how the information is distributed among the different agents, or how important each agent is, […]

Seminar Nov. 04, 2011

Towards Prioritized Update Semantics for Imperatives 时间: 11月4日(星期五) 下午 2:00-4:30 地点:新斋346会议室 报告人: 北京师范大学哲学学院 琚凤魁博士 摘要: Imperatives occur ubiquitously in our social communications.In real life we often get conflicting orders issued by di erent speakers whose authorities are ranked. We propose a new update semantics to interpret the meaning of imperatives with priorities and illustrate what […]

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