A. International Workshop: Current Trends in Logic

(July 2, 2014)

The program will consist of invited talks showing the current status of research in logic, language, computation, and social agency. There will also be an official public opening ceremony for the new Tsinghua-UvA joint research center for logic. The workshop will end with a welcome reception.

 B. The Third East-Asian School on Logic, Language and Computation

(July 3 – 8, 2014)
  • The program of the School will consist of six courses on logic in its interdisciplinary width. The courses cover logic, philosophy, computer science, and linguistics, with an emphasis on interaction between fields.
  • There will be one plenary evening talk for a wider audience given by one of the lecturers of the School.
  • In addition to the courses, there will be student sessions in the late afternoon/ early evening in which students will give short presentations of work in progress. We plan a “mentoring” program in which selected students will be assigned to one of the lecturers for informal interaction and research/career discussions.
  • Every session is open to all students and junior researchers from philosophy, mathematics, linguistics and computer sciences. The experts will walk with you all the way, from primary background knowledge to the frontier of research, leading you to a new world of ideas and excitement.