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Exploring compositional structure in strategies

报告 人:Ram Ramanujam



主办单位:北京市逻辑学会青年论坛 清华大学哲学系

报告人简介: R. Ramanujam is a researcher in theoretical computer science from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, where he is currently professor. His research interests are in mathematical and philosophical logic with applications to theory of distributed systems, security theory and game theory, and the connections between logic and automata theory. He is an editor of ACM transactions on computational logic and was a Lorentz Fellow in the Netherlands in 2010.

报告简介: If we know that strategy $x$ “works” in game $g$ and strategy $x’$ in game $g’$, then how do we build a strategy in game $g op g’$ based on $x$ and $x’$ ? When the operator $op$ is simple subgame composition (so that we now have a game with a choice of exploring both subgames), this question has an elegant answer for finite two-player zero-sum games of perfect information. We discuss classical results of this kind to suggest that exploring algebraic structure (games quotiented under suitable equivalences) is worthwhile, and point out that familiar and reasonable operators already pose interesting challenges, as soon as we relax any of the conditions listed above (finite, two-player, zero-sum, perfect information).

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