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Reasoning about social preferences

时间:2010年4月23日(星期五) 下午 3:00 – 4:00
地点:清华大学 新斋346房间
报告人:Patrick Girard 博士(新西兰 奥克兰大学哲学系)

报告摘要: A systematic way of aggregating individual preferences is to impose a hierarchy over groups of agents. I proceed in two steps, first by aggregating individual desires constrained by given hierarchies and second by defining preferences based on group desires. All this can be performed precisely in a hybrid modal logic (a basic modal logic augmented with names for states). This procedure avoids (some of) the consequences of Arrow’s impossibility theorem in social choice theory while retaining desirable aggregation properties, but the price to pay is the prioritization of agents. In this talk, I present the basic logic of preference aggregation and discuss the logical approach to the problem of preference aggregation.

Patrick Girard 于2008年3月在斯坦福大获哲学博士学位,2008年5月开始在新西兰奥克兰大学工作。他的研究方向是模态逻辑、认知逻辑和偏好逻辑等。近年来,他在国际著名刊物上发表论文多篇,本次报告的内容是他所研究的其中一个课题。

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