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Modeling Evidence Dynamics(证据动态变化的逻辑模型)

时间:2012 年 10 月 26 日 (星期五) 2:00 — 4:00 pm
地点:清华大学 6 教 B407
报告人: Johan van Benthem 教授

摘要: The intuitive notion of evidence as explored by epistemologists sits somewhere in between
syntax and semantics. We will explore how this can be modeled in terms of so-called neighborhood
models for evidence and its changes over time – at a level of grain that also occurs in other areas of
logical semantics. Technically, we introduce richer modal languages for this setting than the usual ones,
and explore their dynamic logics and model theory, including links with more standard plausibility
models. The talk ends with a list of challenges for the logics presented here, such as reliability and
authority, learning, evidence merge, and other epistemological paradigms of reasons and reasoning.
J. van Benthem, 2011, Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction, Cambridge University Press,
J. van Benthem & Pacuit, 2011, ‘Dynamic Logic of Evidence-Based Beliefs’, Studia Logica 99:1,
J. van Benthem, D. Fernandez & E. Pacuit, 2012, ‘Evidence Logic: A New Look at Neighborhood
Structures’, Advances in Modal Logic, Copenhagen.

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