Tsinghua University – University of Amsterdam Joint Research Centre for Logic

Tsinghua Logic Colloquium

Out Joint Research Center is currently hosting a workshop series “Tsinghua Logic Colloquium”, each focus on a specific range of topics. Here is a list of events in this series.

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2021 Jun. 11-13 @ Meng Minwei Humanities Building (蒙民伟人文楼), Tsinghua University.
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Logic with Vector Space Models
2020 Nov. 13 [workshop] @ Online, Tsinghua University.

Hiking Mount Logic
2019 Sep. ), Tsinghua University.

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The History of Logical Thought in China: Glossaries and Translation
2016 Jul. 0 @ Conference room 3 (2nd floor, Build.1#), XiJiao Hotel (Beijing).

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Logic, Language and Translation
2016 Feb. ), Tsinghua University.

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Information Flow in a Social World
2015 Oct. 

 1st & 2nd
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Logic, Language, and Philosophy & Logic, Modality, and Proofs
2015 May both jointly held with:


  • College of Philosophy and Sociology, Beijing Normal University
  • Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University