Qing Cha Hui 清茶会

To promote interdisciplinary interaction between different faculty members and students on the campus, a weekly meeting has been organized by our postdoc Yinlin Guan since September 2020, called Qing Cha Hui (清茶会, Clear/Tsing Tea Session). Its slogan “know thyself and let others know you better.”

Current sessions

2021-09-23Zhiqiang Sun 孙志强“侔式推理”新诠
2021-09-30Yang Sun 孙洋序提升和道义逻辑
2021-10-07Huanfang Dong 董焕防Philosophy of The Curve Fitting Problem I – Basic Solutions
2021-10-14Zhenkun Hu 胡振坤TBA
2021-10-21Mingliang Chu 储明亮TBA
2021-10-28Lei Li 李磊TBA
2021-11-04Penghao Du 杜鹏昊TBA
2021-11-11Qian Chen 陈谦TBA
2021-11-18Qingyu He 何清瑜TBA
2021-11-25Han Gao 高涵TBA
2021-12-02Yuqi Liu 刘雨琦TBA
2021-12-09Fengxiang Cheng 成凤祥TBA

Past sessions

  • Peng Cui 崔鹏 and his students (CS)
  • Ke Deng 邓柯 and his students (statistics)
  • Yang Sun 孙洋 (logic): Deontic logic as founded on nonmonotonic logic
  • Yuqi Liu 刘雨琦 (logic): Epistemology without Knowledge and Belief
  • Lingyuan Ye 叶凌远 (physics): Uniformity, Contingency, and Self-reference in arithmetic
  • Lei Li 李磊 (logic): On link deletion and point deletion in games on graphs 
  • Xiao Li 李潇: Towards a semantic concept of aboutness: a proposal
  • Mingliang Chu (logic): 中世纪逻辑学
  • Kaibo Xie 谢凯博 (logic): 关于研究方向选择的一些想法
  • Gengjun Yao 姚庚君 (journalism): 当传播学遭遇数理逻辑
  • Huanfang Dong 董焕防 (logic): Basics of Recommendation Systems 
  • Jiatong Li 李嘉图 (CS)
  • 2020-12-24 Chi Gao 高驰 (CS): 时序知识图谱的可解释预测