Research Program: Logic and Agency

Logic and Agency

Logic started as the exact study of reasoning by human actors, and over time also, by computing machines. Increasingly, the tools developed in this study are starting to cover a much wider range of informational actions, including observation and communication, and interactive patterns of rational agency depending on these. This project is devoted to developing the logic of information-driven social agency, bridging the gap from individual to social information behavior, and studying the role of constantly emerging structured social entities such as groups and networks. The resulting questions lie at the intersection of logic, philosophy, computer science, and the social sciences.

Core group:

Names of the coordinating project leaders are italicized.

  • Alexandru Baltag (ILLC)
  • Johan van Benthem (ILLC)
  • Fenrong Liu (Tsinghua)
  • Jeremy Seligman (Auckland)
  • Chenwei Shi (Tsinghua)
  • Sonja Smets (ILLC)

Key publications:

  1. J. van Benthem, L. Li, C. Shi, H. Yin: Hybrid Sabotage Modal Logic, Journal of Logic andComputation, 2022, online first
  2. Q.Chen, C.Shi, Y. Wang: Reasoning about Dependence, Preference and Coalitional Power. CoRR abs/2209.08213, 2022
  3. A. Baltag, N. Bezhanishvili, A. Özgun, S. Smets: Justified Belief, Knowledge, and the Topology of Evidence. Synthese 200(6), 2022
  4. Alexandru Baltag, Johan van Benthem. A Simple Logic of Functional Dependence. J. Philos. Log. 50(5): 939-1005, 2021
  5. Chenwei Shi, Yang Sun. Logic of Convex Order. Stud. Logica 109(5): 1019-1047, 2021
  6. Dazhu Li. Formal Threads in the Social Fabric: Studies in the Logical Dynamics of Multi-Agent Interaction. Dissertation. Tsinghua University and University of Amsterdam


  • After finishing his postdoc, Chenwei Shi joined the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua as an assistant professor. At the 10-year celebration of the School of Humanities, Chenwei was invited to speak on behalf of all humanity faculty members.
  • Dazhu Li, received a joint PhD degree from Tsinghua University and the University of Amsterdam for a dissertation on game logics supervised by Alexandru Baltag at the UvA and Fenrong Liu and Johan van Benthem at Tsinghua.
  • Funding: Logics of Information Flow in Social Networks, (2017–2021), Major Program National Social Science Foundation of China (社科基金重大项目). Grant No.17ZDA026.