Research Program: Logic and Computation

Logic and Computation

Extending computational foundations and tools for logics of information and agency. Exploring new connections between logic, probability, and computing paradigms in AI.

Core group:

Names of the coordinating project leaders are italicized.

  • Johan van Benthem (ILLC)
  • Beishui Liao (Hangzhou)
  • Malvin Gattinger (Amsterdam)
  • Thomas Icard (Stanford)
  • Katrin Schulz (ILLC)
  • Kaile Su (Griffith)

Key publications:

  • M. Gattinger: SMCDEL — An Implementation of Symbolic Model Checking for Dynamic Epistemic Logic with Binary Decision Diagrams, publicly accessible version 1.2.0, released on 22 February 2022
  • X. Lin, Q. Chen, L. Fang, Q. Guan, W. Luo, K. Su: Generalized Linear Integer Numeric Planning. ICAPS 2022: 241-251
  • A. Baltag, N. Bezhanishvili, A. Özgun, S. Smets: Justified Belief, Knowledge, and the Topology of Evidence. Synthese 200(6), 2022
  • K. Schulz, S. Smets, F. R. Velazquez-Quesada, K. Xie: Non-Strict Interventionism: The Case of Right-Nested Counterfactuals, Journal of Logic, Language and Information 31 (2), 235-260, 2022
  • B. Liao, M. Anderson, S. L. Anderson. Representation, Justification and Explanation in a Value Driven Agent: An Argumentation-Based Approach. AI and Ethics, 1: 5-19, 2021
  • M. A. Hakim Newton, Md. Masbaul Alam, D. N. Pham, J. Thornton, K. Su, A. Sattar: Evaluating Logic Gate Constraints in Local Search for Structured Satisfiability Problems. Artif. Intell. Rev. 54(7), 5347-5411, 2021
  • M. Mossé, D. Ibeling, T. Icard. Is Causal Reasoning Harder than Probabilistic Reasoning? 2021. Review of Symbolic Logic, 2021


  • Our center has started a series of small intensive exploratory meetings on interfaces of logic and AI, with colleagues from Tsinghua IIIS and Computer Science.
  • Fenrong Liu was a general program chair at the 18th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Hanoi 2021, with Johan van Benthem as one of the four keynote speakers, to explore modern interfaces of logic and AI.