Research Program: Logic and Language

Logic and Language

Through its ties with the philosophy of language, logic deeply influenced modern semantics, becoming a crucial tool for linguistics. This project focusses on syntax, semantics and pragmatics of natural language investigated by logical methods, with a special interest in comparative perspectives on the Chinese language.

Core group:

Names of the coordinating project leaders are italicized.

  • Maria Aloni (ILLC)
  • Dun Deng (Tsinghua)
  • Mingming Liu (Tsinghua)
  • Stanley Peters (Stanford)
  • Martin Stokhof (ILLC)
  • Frank Veltman (ILLC)
  • Dag Westerståhl (Stockholm)

Key publications:

  • S. Peters, D. Westerstahl: The Semantics of Exceptives, Linguistics & Philosophy, 2022
  • D. Bonnay and D. Westerståhl. Carnap’s Problem for Modal Logic, The Review of Symbolic Logic, 2021
  • M. Liu. A Pragmatic Explanation of the mei-dou Co-occurrence in Mandarin. Journal of East Asian Linguistics (30)3, 2021
  • D. Deng. Can Verbs be Nominal Modifiers? Language Teaching and Linguistic Research 5: 78-89, 2021


  • The Third Tsinghua TLLM Workshop on “Logic, Language and Meaning” organized by Dag Westerstahl, Mingming Liu, Dun Deng and Kaibo Xie, with the theme ‘Dynamics in Language and Logic’ took place in April 2022. Proceedings will appear soon.