Zheng Gang Fellows

In 2022, the center received a generous donation from Mr. Zheng Gang to further the progress of logic education, as well as strengthening contacts between logic and AI in China. Over the coming years, this donation will be used for a fellowship program attracting a spread of prominent international colleagues from various fields of logic who will teach advanced seminars and work with our graduate students in order to introduce new developments and initiate new research.

2023 Class

The Zheng Gang fellows for 2023 are Thomas Bolander (logics of agency, planning and robotics in AI, Technical University of Denmark) and Ramaswamy Ramanujam (logic, automata theory and game modeling, Mathematical Institute Chennai).

2024 Class

The Zheng Gang fellows for 2024 are Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets (logic and information dynamics, logic and epistemology, logic and foundations of quantum mechanics, University of Amsterdam).