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International Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Interaction

Modern logic is a discipline interfacing between mathematics, philosophy, computer science, linguistics, and the cognitive, economical, and social sciences. An active central focus today is the study of rational agency and intelligent interaction, with topics such as information, knowledge, communication, and strategic goal-directed behavior of social agents. Here logic meets theories of agency in computer science, but also in epistemology, game theory and social choice theory, leading to new developments such as ‘social software’, but also to new issues and results in philosophy and computer science.

The LORI conference wants to strengthen this interface and help build an East-Asian research community around it. Concrete themes in its program have been epistemic logic and social agency, logic and games, computational social choice, computational logic, logic and epistemology, logic and natural language, and argumentation theory, but with each instalment of the conference, new relevant themes will be explored.

On average, these conferences attracted some 100 participants.

LORI-Publications: Each LORI-workshop produces a proceedings consisting of all those papers that have recieved positive reorts from referees. Based on the presentations at the workshop, some authors (about 5-7) are invited to submit an extended version of his/her paper to a journal special issue. So far, our publications are the following.

General Organization
Standing Committee:  Johan van Benthem (Chair, Amsterdam and Stanford), Shier Ju (Soon Yat-sen University), Frank Veltman (University of Amsterdam), Jialong Zhang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), He Xiandong (Soutwest University), Huang Huaxin (Zhejiang University).
Scientific Secretaries: Fenrong Liu, Minghui Xiong.

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