Tsinghua Logic


Time: Thursday 7:20-9:30 pm, in May 2010
Place: Teaching Building No.6 Room 6B111, Tsinghua University

This will be an intensive short course on logics of time and also on new trends in logics of space. We will discuss modal languages, but position them against first-order and other approaches. These topics reach from natural language to physics, and from philosophy to computation. Topics will include the following.

*Temporal logic*:

Prior’s tense logic, interval logics, logics of branching time, combinations with agency, some backgrounds in second-order logic.

*Spatial logic*:

modal and first-order logics for topology, geometry, mathematical morphology. We also discuss combined logics of space-time.


Students can prepare by reading the the relevant chapters in the new textbook “Modal Logic for Open Minds”, CSLI Publications, Stanford. Further background material can be found in the ”Handbook of Spatial Logics” (M. Aiello, I. Pratt & J. van Benthem, eds.), as well as the survey chapter on ‘Temporal Logic;’ in the “Handbook of Logic in AI and Logic Programming”. More material in class. Temporal Logic.

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