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TIME: 21 OCTOBER 3:00-5:30PM
SPEAKER: Thomas Agotnes (University of Bergen, Norway)

Abstract: In epistemic logic, multi-agent Kripke structures are used to model the distribution of information in a system. In this talk, I present an approach to quantifying how the information is distributed among the different agents, or how important each agent is, with respect to some fact represented as a goal formula. It is typically the case that the goal formula is distributed knowledge in the system, but that no individual agent alone knows it. It might be that several different groups of agents can get to know the goal formula together by combining their individual knowledge. I will argue that voting games and power indices such as the Banzhaf index, developed in game theory and voting theory, are useful for analysing such scenarios. These information-based power indices can be expressed in standard epistemic logic which allows, e.g., standard tools to be used to quantitatively analyse the distribution of information in a given Kripke structure. The talk is based on joint work with Wiebe van der Hoek and Mike Wooldridge.

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