Tsinghua Logic Salon

Hosted by a group of ph.d students and postdocs at Tsinghua (Huanfang Dong, Chenwei Shi, Yang Sun, Yiyan Wang, Xiaoan Wu, Jialiang Yan), the Tsinghua Logic Salon promotes academic, social and cultural interactions between researchers and students, in a relaxing style.

2020 Jan 8, Fengkui Ju (BNU): Towards a Logical Theory of Temporal Conditionals

2020 Jan 8, Xinwen Liu (CASS): Jin Yuelin’s Encounter with C.P. Peirce

2019 Nov 28, Shengyang Zhong (PKU): On Quantum Logic

2019 Nov 14, Martin Stokhof (UvA): Natural Language, Formal Language: a Complex Relationship

2019 Oct 23, Dazhu Li (UvA and Tsinghua) Dynamic Epistemic Logic of Social Influence

2019 Oct 23, Kaibo Xie (UvA and Tsinghua) Formal Semantics for Counterfactuals

2019 Oct 10, Frank Veltman (UvA): On Imperatives in Natural Language.