Qing Cha Hui 清茶会

To promote interdisciplinary interaction between different faculty members and students on the campus, a weekly meeting has been organized by our postdoc Yinlin Guan since September 2020, called Qing Cha Hui (清茶会, Clear/Tsing Tea Session). Its slogan “know thyself and let others know you better.”

Current sessions

2021-09-23 Zhiqiang Sun 孙志强
2021-09-30 Lei Li 李磊
2021-10-07 Yang Sun 孙洋
2021-10-14 Huanfang Dong 董焕防
2021-10-21 Zhenkun Hu 胡振坤
2021-10-28 Mingliang Chu 储明亮

Past sessions

2020-10-23 Peng Cui 崔鹏 and his students (CS)
2020-09-11 Ke Deng 邓柯 and his students (statistics)
Chenwei Shi 石辰威 (philosophy)
Lingyuan Ye 叶凌远 (physics)
Dazhu Li 李大柱 (philosophy)
Kaibo Xie 谢凯博 (philosophy)
Gengjun Yao 姚庚君 (journalism)
Xiaoan Wu 吴小安 (philosophy)
Huanfang Dong 董焕防 (philosophy)
Jiatong Li 李嘉图 (CS)
2020-12-17 Jialiang Yan 闫佳亮 (philosophy)
2020-12-24 Chi Gao 高驰 (CS):