The Jin Yuelin Lectures at Tsinghua University

This new Lecture Series is named after Jin Yuelin (in Chinese: 金岳霖), a pioneering philosopher and logician in China. After his study at Columbia University in the United States, he established the department of philosophy at Tsinghua University in 1926, where he started teaching modern logic for the first time in China, while engaging in deep encounters between modern and Chinese philosophy. Jin Yuelin’s personality and ideas have had a continuing impact on logicians and philosophers in China right until today. Well-known scholars will be invited to visit Tsinghua to give these lectures annually, interacting with students and researchers at the interface of logic and philosophy, broadly conceived.



List of Lectures  

Lecturer: Michael Wooldridge (Professor of Computer Science, University of Oxford)

Lecture 1 (Oct. 22, public lecture): Artificial Intelligence: Fact and Fiction

Lecture 2 (Oct. 23): Logic and Strategic Interaction in Multi-agent Systems: Boolean Games

Lecture 3 (Oct. 24): Logic and Strategic Interaction in Multi-agent Systems: Equilibrium Checking

19:00-21:00 @ Central Main Building Rm 327

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joeLecturer: Joseph Y. Halpern (Professor of Computer Science, Cornell University)

Talk 1 (Oct. 25): Actual Causality: A Survey

Talk 2 (Oct. 27): Moral Responsibility, Blameworthiness, and Intention: In Search of Formal Definitions

Talk 3 (Oct. 28): Game Theory With Translucent Players

19:00-21:00 @ Central Main Building Rm 327

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Lecturer: John Perry (Professor of Philosophy, Stanford University and UC Berkeley)

Time: 19:30-21:00, 2015 Oct. 17

Place: Zheng Yutong Hall (郑裕彤讲堂)

Title: The Great Detour