Su Kaile 苏开乐


苏开乐 Su Kaile (Griffith University)


– Project involved: Logic and Agency.

– Interests: Modal logic, Model checking multi-agent systems, Experimental algorithms for SAT problems.

– Most relevant publication:

  1. Kaile Su, Abdul Sattar, Xiangyu Luo: Model Checking Temporal Logics of Knowledge Via OBDDs. Comput. J. 50(4): 403-420 (2007)
  2. Kaile Su, Abdul Sattar, Guanfeng Lv, Yan Zhang: Variable Forgetting in Reasoning about Knowledge. CoRR abs/1401.3472 (2014)
  3. Chanjuan Liu, Enqiang Zhu, Fenrong Liu, Kaile Su: Preference dynamics in games with short sight. Applied Mathematics and Computation 244: 493-501 (2014)